U.S. and Mexico border: How to get to "El Chaparral"

Take precautions and know the route for access before its official opening on November 1st

Since December 2010 the project that was initiated with the purpose to speed up border traffic, and improve traffic conditions for entry into and out of Mexico and the United States from the San Ysidro border, is about to start and serve its purpose. A date for "El Chaparral" to be in full operation has been set to November 1st 2012. Now for those who travel from San Diego and Tijuana or just about anyone else who may want to know this route, well here you can find out on how this new access point works and how to get there.

The General Services Administration of the United States informed, that from October 23rd to the 26th there will be some lanes that will be closed at Puerta Mexico, and these lanes would be closed in a random order between 10p.m. and 10a.m., in which access from El Chaparral will be opened to speed up traffic, and at the same time this opportunity allows for you to get familiar with this new route.

People who cross the border on a daily bases probably know this route by now, but what about those who have no idea and are just coming to Mexico for the weekend?


GSA provided three maps that show the San Ysidro border and Puerta Mexico with the recent changes that have been made.

(Click on the picture to enlarge the image)

To get to El Chaparral, you will need to continue driving as usual towards Puerta Mexico, and when you get to the end of the 5 freeway, you will find a deviation route:

Video: Access to El Chaparral

Once you are in Mexican soil there will be 22 gates that lead to 4 lanes for access into Tijuana, where you will end up on the "freeway/fast track" (Via Rapida) going West, and see signs that will indicate certain roads, the signs will say on them "Colonia Federal/ Paseo de los Heroes".

Another sign is for the road towards Playas de Tijuana and you will need to go East on the Via Rapida for the traditional way from Puerta Mexico where you would usually see a sign that said "Otay / La Mesa".

If you are going towards downtown Tijuana there will also be signs that will indicate the route you will need to take.

The purpose of this project is to triple the traffic flow for the San Ysidro border, and ultimately there will be projects to do the same for the Otay and Calexico border as well.

"El Chaparral" will officially be open and in full operation on November 1st, which also as of the result of this project there are hopes that it will have a positive impact on the economy of both sides of the border.



Translation : Omar.Martinez@sandiegored.com


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