Xolos closing out the 2012 season

They will be going up against Chivas of Guadalajara on Sunday’s game.

TIJUANA, BC. – With their eyes set on qualifying for the Copa Libertadores of America, Club Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente will be put to the test this coming Sunday on a game against Chivas of Guadalajara, where they are looking to close out their regular season with a bang in the Apertura Tournament 2012 of the Liga MX.

The match is scheduled for November 11th at 5pm Mexico City local time, and 3p.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST) at the Omnilife Stadium.

The red and black team is expecting to have an enormous amount of support, in which they have put together a charter flight for the fans that will be able to fly out to the game, and watch their favorite players go up against Mexico’s team who has the largest amount of fans worldwide, Chivas of Guadalajara.

In order to qualify for the most important Latin American tournament, Club Tijuana will need to defeat Chivas with any possible score in their favor, and with a win they will be able to secure their spot to the tournament and also become the super leaders of the general positions boards.

Currently Club Tijuana has 31 points and is positioned in the number one spot on the boards, followed by the Red Devils of Toluca with 30 points. However by beating Guadalajara in Sunday’s game, there will not be a single team who can surpass them on their qualification and Xolos would be able to enjoy two prizes for the price of one.

As the team continues to train and prepare for Sundays match, the 3 points that are needed to achieve the team goal has been on every players mind this week, and if this goal becomes a reality, then right after the game Xoloitzcuintles will know who their opponent will be in the playoffs, which their first game would be an away game on either Wednesday or Thursday of next week, and play at home for the next game that will be held either on Saturday or Sunday.




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