LAPD will not turn in illegal immigrants to INS

Plan will take effect starting January 2013

LOS ANGELEES, CA. – The LAPD commission who supervises the city's police department, approved today a plan that is expected to take effect starting January 2013, where they will no longer turn in illegal immigrants to INS who has only committed minor offenses.

This proposal was presented by the LAPD police Chief Charlie Beck, and with this new plan it releases all officers from any responsibility to detain or turn in illegal immigrants to INS for low –profile crimes.

The proposal was announced by Beck in October of this year, which highlighted the need to "fulfill the purpose of Secure Communities to prioritize the deportation of those who pose a threat to public safety or have repeatedly violated immigration laws."

Currently the LAPD sends fingerprints to immigration authorities of all detainees regardless of the type of crime they have committed, which INS then checks if the person is in the country legally and request a 48-hour hold for those who do not have legal residence.

The LAPD under this new policy will only retain those who have been arrested on suspicion of a felony, or for a misdemeanor which the bail amount exceeds $ 5,000, and also for traffic violations with a bail bond amount greater than 2,500 dollars.

LAPD will respect the request of the immigration authorities, who would want the retention of detainees who have been found belonging to a gang or have been convicted of at least one prior felony.


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