Car built by Apple

Steve Jobs unfulfilled dream

Rumors that Apple is testing an "iWatch" do not sound as outlandish as the idea of a computer company debuting in the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

According to the famous writer from the New York Times, John Markoff, this is what Steve Jobs wanted to do.

Markoff said that during an interview with Jobs in his office, he told him that if he had more energy he would have like to test a car in Detroit built by Apple.

This is not the first time that Steve Jobs is mentioned in regards to Apple building a car. Mickey Drexler, one of the directors of Apple, has also previously said that this was in deed one of the things that the founder of the company wanted to do.

Interestingly enough, there are two directors at Apple who have strong ties with cars.

The first one being Eddy Cue, who is the head of Internet software and services at Apple, and also serves as a member of the board of directors at Ferrari.

The senior vice president of worldwide marketing for Apple, Phil Schiller, is also a big car enthusiast, who in his biography on his own personal twitter account has written "Apple, Sports, Cars, Science and Rock and Roll." Also in the majority of his posts on the website microblogging, is about cars.

Google is also another company that is not too far behind on this idea. Not too long ago they tested a car with technology capable of driving the vehicle without a person being inside, and although it was a success, Google has not announced any plans of commercializing it yet.

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