Facebook tests new design in New Zealand

Many people have been annoyed in the past

As one can notice, the "About", "Photos", "Likes" and "Applications" boxes, among other options, were taking out of the main page, leaving only the name and indicating the number of items in each category.

One other big change that you can notice is that the "About" box was shifted down from its original location to become more independent in an area of where the "Timeline" used to be, which now covers 2/3 of the width of the page so that it could continue to be the main focus.

Another feature that some users have also now seen is the "Like Page" options, which previously if you liked a Facebook page, you would have to first go to the webpage and place your cursor over the "like" option. Now with the new design you will be able to do that without taking all of those steps to perform this action.

Although a small change can affect or help the taste of users for this site, many people have been annoyed in the past by the changes or additions that have been made like what happened with the Timeline or Chat integration to the sidebar.



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