Congresswoman unfairly takes advantage of public library in Tijuana

The library was scheduled to be to inaugurate just a few days from now

A few months ago residents of the Camino Verde community in Tijuana, celebrated the creation of new digital library "The House of Ideas". Now in a surprising manner, a couple of days ago they found out that the facility had become a module for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) Congresswoman, Rosana Soto, who took over the facility in an arbitrary fashion.

Soto's team says that they are occupying the "House of the unemployed." In which they offer bread and coffee to whoever gets near the building in exchange for their personal information, and also the opportunity to get a job once the facilities are opened next Saturday.

The property is currently under the management of the Tijuana Innovadora committee, who were granted the permit on November 28, 2012, and who are responsible for managing its resources.

This facility was handed over to the Camino Verde community last year by the Federal, State and City government officials, after the request of residents from that community to build a new community center. The library was scheduled to be to inaugurated just a few days from now.

From one day to another, the employees of Rosana Soto invaded the library and put up signs that promoted the Congresswoman and surrounding the premises with a synthetic mesh, and also changed the locks to prevent anyone who was not in their group to enter the facility.

Adriana Cuéllar y Marcel Sánchez
Adriana Cuéllar y Marcel Sánchez

The Congresswoman claims that she was unaware that a civil partnership was involved in this matter, nor of any knowledge of whom her representatives were. Soto said she had the permission of the State Government and the Ministry of Education to occupy the premises.

VIDEO: Defending the Library

*Courtesy Jorge Nieto

The Camino Verde residents continue to defend the compound and held a protest last night outside "The House of Ideas."

*Courtesy of Jorge Nieto


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