Facebook's new smartphone

"The new home for Android."

Facebook invited certain media sources to an event at their campus which they referred to as "the new home for Android."

For some time now there were many rumors of a smartphone was being developed by the company, which is very unlikely since the company needed other operating systems where they have a lot more to offer. And not just Instagram or Nearby, among others.

What is possible for Facebook is to work with a company that it can function a lot better with and is also able to integrate with their network; something has been done before with HTC.

Twitter user @ evleaks has been the source of several leaks that have been very true, such as in the case with the Nokia Lumia 520. This HTC smart phone (FIRST) image that was published is now being connected to this "Facebook phone leak."

This phone offers the following features:

• A 4.3 " touch screen

• 1GB of RAM

• 5 MP camera (it does not specify whether it's a rear camera which is very likely, and if so, it does not specify either whether the 5MP is for the front or rear camera).

For now, this is just a rumor and everyone will have to wait until tomorrow to get rid of any doubts. You can follow the event through this link: Live Facebook conference (10 AM PST / 1 PM EST).

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