Startup Weekend in Tijuana starts today

54 hours to transform ideas

At exactly 5p.m. the third edition of the Startup Weekend in Tijuana will begin, where all the participants will have only 54 hours to transform their ideas into new business projects. This year the event will take place in the Tijuana Bit Center facilities.

Teams will be made up by different young adults who specialize in fields such as marketers, managers, software developers and web designers. And who will all work together for three days to develop an idea so that it can become a project that creates new jobs and satisfy a social need.

These young entrepreneurs will not be alone. Throughout these next three days they will receive mentoring from technology specialists, who will guide them on how to develop a business plan so that they can examine of how feasible their project is.

At the end of the event, a panel of judges will select the best projects that could possibly become a reality, which will also receive the necessary funds to continue on its development.

The Startup Weekend is one of the trends that have been adopted in Tijuana to increase its development in technology.

This border city (Tijuana) has considerably made its mark as being one of the major producers of electronic devices such as flat screen televisions and medical equipment. Tijuana is also now the home of new companies like 3D Robotics.

Alliances with other groups from San Diego have also created a new landscape for the border region in regards to technology.

VIDEO: Startup Tijuana



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