Undocumented immigrants from India detained in southern Mexico

"After receiving an anonymous phone call"

Agents of the Mexican National Migration Institute (INM) detained fifteen undocumented immigrants in southern Mexico near Guatemala. 8 from El Salvador and Honduras, and 7 more from India.

"After receiving an anonymous phone call detailing the presence of foreigners staying in a hotel in Tapachula, Chiapas, INM agents checked the area and detained at least fifteen undocumented immigrants," said in the document, which does not specify the exact date on which the group was found.

The Central Americans were identified as Maria del Carmen Lopez Pacheco, Jonathan Ezequiel Argueta Lopez, Pedro Antonio Delgado Mena and Julio Antonio Barahona Ceron, and a minor by the name of Cristian Edilberto Cruz Menjivar, all who are originally from

El Salvador.

In the same room with the others were also found 3 Hondurans, Hermis Hernandez Diaz, Luis Abdulio Jimenez Hernandez and another minor by the name of Antonio Espinoza Oscar Mejia.

Found in another room were natives from India, Sarabjit Singh Gill, Raul Prasher, Sandeep Singh, Subhwinder Singh, Randap Singh, Labhuis Singh Gill y Gwuyit Singh, all of them undocumented.

"All of these foreigners were transferred to the detention facility in Tapachula Siglo XXI to begin the process of repatriation to their countries of origin," said the document from the INM.

Each year tens of thousands of immigrants, mostly Central Americans cross Mexico to reach the United States in search of better living conditions than their countries of origin. Cases like these are not rare and are becoming more frequent in Mexico

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