Mexican President wanted to sell Mexico to the U.S.

Vicente Fox has now been declared as persona non grata

The former Mexican President, Vicente Fox, is again the topic of conversation after he talked about the reasons that make him the best President that Mexico has ever had, even over Benito Juarez.

In an interview with "En linea" news, Fox said that Benito Juarez had allowed foreign invasion and had not done much for the poor. And because of these reasons, he does not consider him as being a great President. Fox also mentioned that Juarez had allowed for the McLane-Ocampo treaty, which authorized the United States to invade Mexico, a fact that he considers as a kind of sale of the country, and the reason of why Juarez did not deserve his respect.

To highlight his term as President of Mexico, Vicente Fox spoke about the crime rate during his government administration, which he points out to be the lowest in the history of Mexico.

"I say this modestly, truths have to told. There are indicators, not my judgment. It's not what I say, it’s what the indicators say about everything," said Fox.

After these remarks against Benito Juarez, former Mexican President Vicente Fox was declared as persona non grata by the State Congress of Oaxaca, Juarez’s home state, where councilors of Oaxaca also said that Fox's comments were disrespectful to Benito Juarez and the citizens of the state.


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