New APP created to know whether or not a person will be deported from the United States

The migration "app" for dreamers

A free mobile app called "Pocket DACA" was released last week.

Young immigrants who are living in the United States will be able to know their possibilities of being deported, if they are eligible to participate in the "Deferred Action" Program and the guidelines they need to follow.


The "App" was designed for young people who are part of the group called "Dreamers", those who arrived to the United States before they were 16 years of age and through the Deferred Action program, instead of being deported they are offered a different path toward a series of special benefits when it comes to making their migration status legal, given that they were brought to the nation by their families decision and not their own.

With the "Pocket DACA" app, the user will be able to know if working for a certain employer could lead to being deported. The app also informs about who are eligible for the Deferred Action program, provides legal information and the ways to start the process , dreamers can enjoy the benefits that the government is offering.

The application was developed by the Immigration Advocates Network, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, and American Immigration Council. It is available in both English and Spanish.



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