"Canelo" Alvarez: "I did not feel his punches"

Mayweather was intelligent claimed "Canelo"

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - Saul "Canelo" Alvarez looked tiered, wet from his own sweat, just flat out beaten; while on the other side was Floyd Mayweather Jr who was still fresh, and walked around with a grin on his knowing he was the winner of the night.

But "Canelo" Alvarez said that Floyd did not hurt him saying "I didn't feel them" referring to Mayweather's punches "they were not powerful at all, but they were getting him points."

The Mexican added "he barely touched me, he is an intelligent fighter. He knows how to use his distance; I could not reach him with my punches."

Regarding the moment when he hit Mayweather in the leg which looked like he hit him "somewhere" else Alvarez said "When we got tangled he would poke my eyes, that is why I reacted by hitting him in the leg."

"Canelo" Alvarez does not feel like the loser tonight and said :this was a great experience for me."

He concluded by saying "he beat me fairly." He accepted his first loss in his young career.



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