Altruism with public resources: Laura Bozzo uses the State of Mexico aircraft to help victims

She was criticized for arriving to film her show using the helicopter of the State of Mexico, Bozzo responded offended

The state of Guerrero has received several types of support since the tropical storm "Manuel" hit them; food, free flights for those affected as well as medical attention provided by specialists in the field, be it doctors, paramedics and professional rescue teams. This help couldn't have arrived to Acapulco by land due to the floods which have blocked most highways in the affected areas.

To remedy this, the governor of the State of Mexico, Eruviel Avila, announced through a press release last Tuesday September 17, that he would sent 3 state government helicopters of the Air Rescue Team "Relampagos" (Lighting bolts) with the purpose of getting support to those affected, according to the magazine "Proceso"

However, on Thursday, what arrived in one of the aircraft was not help, but rather the TV host Laura Bozzo along with her production team, dressed in a rescue uniform.

The helicopter was identified as belonging to the Government of the State of Mexico. The transport, which was originally announced to be used for rescue efforts, was being used to film a segment for Laura's TV show, which would air on the Televisa Network.

According to Laura Bozzo, she arrived there with the intention of getting testimonies of those who had been caught in the tragedy. When the news spread through the media, among them Proceso, with many disapproving the use of public resources to mount Television shows, the host Laura Bozzo responded by saying that she had volunteered for the rescue team, with no connection to what the governor had announced, and she asked that they do not involve him in this.

"I'm a volunteer for "Los Relampagos" they are heroes who help with all sorts of problems, thanks to them we have helped the communities of Arroyo Grande, El Molote, Paraiso, Puerto de Gallo, Rio de Balsamos, Los Arrayanes, Puerto Iris y El Eden, among others. Enough with the pettyness, I don't see why people want to involve the governor of the State of Mexico, Eruviel Avila, with this subject of my presence here, when I'm here as a part of the team "Relampagos" I'm offended, I am not making a 'TV drama' and the reason we're broadcasting this is so that Mexico gets on their feet to help others get back up again" she informed the news agency Notimex.

"Señorita Laura", as she is known, indicated that she was about to die when she was working in the State of Guerrero, given that had it not been for the intervention of the Mexican Army, she would have fallen into quicksand while she was taping.


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