Final blow to the Guadalupe Valley

New regulations have been approved

ENSENADA.- New zoning regulations which will modify the way the Guadalupe Vally functions were approved in a secret session of the city council of Ensenada, these new regulations will allow housing complexes to be built as well as shopping malls, something which will damage local producers given that it risks the regions growth and sustainability.

It was a hidden session, one that when questioned by the local wine makers who represent the valley, only received excuses as answers. First, when they arrived at city hall they were greeted with a blackout, later it was mentioned that the reunion was a small Christmas party and after more questions, it was said that there would be a meeting of the council but that the subject of the Guadalupe Valley was not on the list, councilman Antonio Lomeli Sedano (PRI) informed this. After the announcement, it took only 5 minutes for the city council to vote on a 54 page document where they dictated the new guidelines allowing any housing developer to build in the zone, building housing complexes, hotels, golf courses, etc.

Jaime Palafox Granados, Vice president of the Vid Product System, qualified the attitude of the Mayor of Ensenada, Enrique Pelayo, his syndicate and the council as "not transparent in the slightest, shameful and crafty", adding that these new regulations were solely created to benefit a housing development company which will install itself in the valley, it is known as "Rancho Olivares" which is owned by Carlos Lagos. With this, the organization will count with construction permits and will be able to construct numerous buildings violating soil density and usage.

This weekend, the Vid Product System will announce new measures on the subject and all the citizens are welcome to participate.

*With information from Síntesis and Diario El Vigia.


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