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Ensenada remains open to all, says Baja's tourism head

New solutions for the problem

A big priority for Baja's State Tourism Ministry (SECTURE in Spanish) is organizing important upcoming events in the region like the Castro Limón Bike Ride to Ensenada. Several alternatives are planned, like changing the starting point to the Baja Wine Route region. "We are not canceling any event", said Escobedo. The planned modifications are being made so as to not saturate any of the new access points into Ensenada, as bike rides to the city usually cause traffic to be affected on the old state routes, which are now the main entry routes towards Ensenada.

VIDEO : Upcoming events in the state

"We have projects that were planned before the collapse, and we want to link the northern part of the [wine] Valley with Rosarito, above all during the wine harvest seasons that usually fill hotels...on the issue of transportation, there is a company that we are talking with about possibly acquiring hydroplanes for travels from San Diego to Ensenada, with alternatives having been though off from since before the incident, even in 2014, Ensenada is set to become the second most visited tourist port in the country with the most cruises, so that particular ideas has been in negotiations since before the new administration began...there have been talks about freight trains and a passenger train but that is a more complicated issue", added the tourism chief when questioned about new ways to travel through the state.

Another one of the missions on SECTURE's agenda is the creation of a "culinary route", in support of all municipalities in the state and an opportunity to exhibit the region's delicacies, an effort that includes all.

Turning the region of "El Valle" into a "magic town", like Tecate, is yet another goal. Even though the process isn't immediate, Escobedo implied there were great possibilities. "We believe that we have a great advantage, everything is new...we believe we can do it, we were with people from all three valleys [in the wine region]... we are looking at our options and it seems to be feasible."

Likewise, the Tourism Secretary addressed the importance that the craft-beer scene has been amassing in the state. To support it, they have been analyzing the possibility of changing the legislation that regulates the craft-beer market, in a way that it could raise its aid to producers through credits, free permits for tastings, the creation of exhibition rooms, among others.

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