Ambix: Creating the 4D Experience

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TIJUANA.- The benefits of living in the border area vary. By taking the best of both worlds a local company, Ambix, is focusing on creating 4D experiences — a trend that is quickly growing.

In an interview with, Alexandro Esparza, one of the founders and operating director of Ambix, told us about his team and some of the challenges they have faced as a startup, the support they have received and have yet to receive, as well as their future plans.

"The idea was born about three years ago. While I was doing my professional studies at CETYS University, I was invited to participate in the construction of the first 4D governmental theater — which is actually right here in Tijuana at CEART —upon successfully completing this I decided to do this independently. I involved myself in a different area and associated myself with Raul Arroyo, who is now the president of the Coparmex National Commission for Young Entrepreneurs, and Luis Salazar, who is a filmmaker," Alexandro Esparza said.

This is how Ambix was developed. They received their first project: a contest to create a 4D theater for the Discover Interactive Museum of Science and Technology in Aguascalientes. After participating alongside several experts focused on this technology, they won the contract and in six months had finished the installation of the theater; then came the paperwork to become a legal company.

Esparza emphasized that the process was complicated as it is difficult for entrepreneurs to receive counseling, adding, "it's stressful; it's frustrating, but it is just something you have to do." One of the advantages they had was belonging to a professional chamber (in this case Coparmex), which helped them feel less alone, thanks to the team of professionals that supported the startup.

"More than just theaters, we are dedicated to 4D technology, which will allow any company to provide their client with a sensory experience. The theaters are just part of it, although a large one, but we are also developing a publicity product," Alex added — a trailer to be used by companies to display the consumer's experience in full. Another aspect of Ambix is the rental and production of drones for aerial shots. These drones are capable of producing 4D video as well as traditional formats.

The main advantage of Ambix being close to the border is the proximity to their providers and the film industry, which gives them a broad spectrum of possibilities. While interacting with other Mexican entrepreneurs, they observed that there are several startup or high–impact businesses that, because of their distinct form of creating, become too focused on their innovative field that they lose their ability to expand.

Alexandro's advice to new startups is that it is important to surround yourself with people who have initiative, "if you surround yourself with people who have the same ideals as you, with the same drive to undertake a project, to not be an employee — you have to surround yourself with people who think the same way. If you can create synergy with those who are around you, it will be easier to realize your projects," he stated.

Esparza mentioned that over the next five years Ambix will look to reach past Mexico, and work in several parts of Latin America, installing theaters in Chile, Argentina and Uraguay, and also to innovate with 4D publicity — to be pioneers in the field.

Find out more about Ambix at their website or give them a call at 6342064



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