Baja California

All My Friends 2014 : 5th Edition on the Beach

More than just music

A stage on the beach, as a concert goer, as a musician, you can't ask for more than that. But the fifth edition of all my friends gave that and much more. A well synchronized balance between the hipster and the weird for the sake of being weird went back and forth from the two main stages (beach and garden). Right on the middle of the action, top chefs of the region showcased their newest delicacy. By the entrance, a pool party with DJs. Enclosed in glass windows on a cliff overlooking the beach and semi-isolated from the fest, the Music Makers Hacklab was a hands on anyone can make music experience.

Compared to previous years, the line-up seemed a tad weak. This year was more about the location and food. I was swimming in the ocean while Bleached played their chick surf rock reminiscent of Bikini Kill and a generation that grew up watching 10 Things I Hate About You. Ghost Magnet Roach Motel was what the people from Eugene (Oregon) call the people of Portland....make-up weird. They weren't about the music, all they wanted to do is blow people's minds with a wooden structure that looked like a treehouse while they made random noises.

Lumerians was a highlight of the night. Their specter-like appearance (a la No-Face by Miyazaki) was well met with good psychedelic rock chops. A hideous performance by Gonjasufi was simply shrugged off, everyone wanted for him to be good, but it was the disappointment of the night. Javi of Warm Places tied the festival together by making his performance selfless for all his friends. Before even getting on stage, Fuete Billete's presence was felt. Rapping like Dave Chapelle's character on Half Baked (Sir Smoke-a-Lot), with rhythm of Calle 13, the crowd danced non-stop on the sand. LA Drones was an odd turn into EuroDominatrixTechno mix which the crowd took with a grain of salt. The night was rounded up by classic Tijuana party experts Sonidero Travesura (beach) and Santos (garden).

Without money or a hotel room, my night was saved by a couple of girls that fed me cigarettes and gave me a couch to crash on. The following morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn and left the room to sleep by the beach. One by one I saw all the people that played a show or booked a hotel room, all hungover come out to the beach. 5 more bands played on Sunday while the organizers torn down everything but the garden stage.



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