Immigrant Children Are Returned to Central America

Forty Undocumented minors will be flown to Honduras in the first wave of deportations

NEW MEXICO.- The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has confirmed that the first plane transporting forty undocumented migrants has landed in Honduras today, as part of the first wave of deportations. Amongst the migrants are unaccompanied minors and families, whose arrival at the border has provoked a humanitarian crisis.

"We hope that more immigrants will be returned to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador during the next couple days and weeks," confirmed a DHS source to NBC News.

The forty immigrants that have now landed in Honduras originated from Roswell, New Mexico but were being housed in Artesia, New Mexico.

These deportees are returning to their countries after having arrived in a wave of thousands of children and families and migrants that fled their Central American countries. The causes are extreme violence and poverty in their communities, which motivates them to migrate to the U.S. in conjunction with false rumors that they will be given temporary or permanent permits, or permisos, upon arrival.

Congress is currently debating whether it will approve a 3.7 billion dollar request from President Barack Obama which would be destined toward increasing the capacity of agencies handling the surge. These funds would also go toward streamlining of the deportation process, adding more resources to house the minors while they are processed, as well as increase the number of agents along the border.


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