Jerry Brown describes migrant minor surge as a "human tragedy"

Calls on politicians from both sides to work with President Obama

LOS ANGELES.- The Governor of California, Jerry Brown, spoke out for the first time about the crisis at the border, where thousands of unaccompanied children and other immigrants have arrived fleeing poverty and extreme violence, and have overwhelmed the U.S.'s immigration system.

"We got a problem, and the only way we solve it is if Republicans and Democrats, if congressmen and congresswomen, work with the president to deal with a very difficult problem," said Governor Brown.

"[I]t's a human problem. Not a problem for the next politician jumping on board to get himself ahead," he continued by saying that Central American presidents should also be included in these discussions, because many of these migrants are fleeing precisely because of the failures of their government.

The Governor stated that politicians should not use this as an opportunity to point fingers at the other side, and hopes that they will recognize that this is a human tragedy, including incidents where children's throats are getting cut in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.



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