Mexicans: Amongst the Most Sexually Satisfied in the World

The country always ranks as one of the best lovemaking countries

MEXICO.-"Who are the most sexually satisfied people in the world?" is the question that a website set out to discover. selected fifteen countries after putting together various international studies on sexual habits around the world. They included global studies conducted by condom company Durex, and others that were realized by universities and magazines like Men's Health.

AlterNet discovered that, in general, this takes into account "love and mutual respect between partners, being stress-free, ability to climax, lack of sexual disfunction, good mental and physical health, and frequency of sex and intimacy... a study in 2014 revealed that socio-economic status also impacts levels of sexual satisfaction."

It is really no surprise that Mexico is ranked among the countries with highest levels of satisfaction in the bedroom, or anywhere. Just Tijuana alone was singled out as the most promiscuous cities in the world, and articles on the subject have met great enthusiasm.

Mexico has also been ranked in top spots in other surveys on how much people enjoy their sex lives, and indicates that despite the conservative nature of some, residents have more access to sexual education than other countries, which may have also led to residents losing the fear of sex behind closed curtains, although maybe not out in the open.

Other countries that rank high on the list of sexual satisfaction are:

    Switzerland, where sex ed is imparted at a very young age (pre-school) and sex in public is apparently not uncommon. Spain, where a quarter of the population ranks their sexual satisfaction as excellent. Greece, where residents have more sex every week than any other country, in line with the country's history as a sexually open country since ancient times. Netherlands, with a name like that it is only appropriate that they'd have a very liberal outlook on sex and the country is famous for having legalized prostitution in its capital, Amsterdam. Brasil: 81 percent of those interviewed said they had sex at least once a week. India: apparently it takes longer for them to lose their virginity, but they also last longer in bed and enjoy erotic lovemaking.

Read more about these countries, and the rest, here.

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