Baja California

Benton Brewery Celebrates Its First Anniversary

The celebrations took place at 1994 Bar in Tijuana

I still remember last year when the surge of craft beer in Baja California was just arising, and more and more people were starting to discover brews crafted by people in their very own state. Breweries that were free to craft and create outside of norms put in place by the large Mexican breweries.

I was just starting to write about the subject when I met Karim Gama, Samuel Gonzalez, and Nino Guzman at 1994 Bar. We got together to discuss beer and what had been accomplished by Benton Brewery. A year later they have become a phenomena in Tijuana's beer culture, and the turnout for the celebration was one of the best the hosting bar has ever seen.

For its first anniversary, Benton Brewery made sure to bring its all, including a variation of its now renown Vanilla Porter, which ended up being a completely different animal: the Imperial Coffee Porter. This beer was one of the first to sell out. Also on tap were the Black Rye IPA, and the Hoppy Red Ale (one of my favorites) along with a new Extra Pale Ale.

It is great to see how slowly but surely craft beer is gaining a wider and wider fan base. This is thanks in large part to people like those behind Benton Brewery, who work the craft with dedication and passion, that is evident in each bottle they produce. And, as the brand's slogan says I will end by reminding you: "Drink Local. Drink Craft."

Nino Guzmán and Karim Gama from Benton Brewery
Nino Guzmán and Karim Gama from Benton Brewery



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