Family members of missing students head out on tour of country

They will unite on November 20th in Mexico City

MEXICO.- The families of the 43 missing students of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero toured the country this week to spread their messages of pain and anger with the government over a situation that has not only outraged the country, but is also resulting in economic losses to the country, according to an announcement from the government today.

From Tixtla, where the teacher training academy that the missing students attended, three caravans of buses carrying around 450 fathers and colleagues of the missing. One route is heading north, another south, and another to Guerrero State.

All of these converged will converge in the Mexican capital on November 20th, which is when the Mexican Revolution is celebrated, to organize a mega-event to protest a case that has continued to grip Mexico.

Those close to the students that are not riding on a caravan will remain in Tixtla to, among other reasons, meet with Attorney General Jesus Murillo who will give them an update on the investigation.

Last Friday, Murillo told the family members that three members of the Guerreros Unidos cartel confessed to having murdered and burned the remains of more than forty people that said they were students.

However, the family members stated that while there "is no proof" confirmed will certainty, they will continue to push authorities to search for their children.

Mexico has admitted that this case not only will bring on negative consequences in terms of public opinion, but internationally as well, and economically. The head of Mexico's tax authority, Luis Videgaray, stated that it would be inaccurate to say "that this is not going to have an effect on the economy". This situation, he said, could influence decisions in terms of investment and new hiring. He stated that the country is going through one of its "most dramatic times in recent years", and that independently of what happens with the economy, the most important topic is the whereabouts of the missing students.


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