Civil Rights Complaints Filed over Use of Force During Protests in Mexico

Peaceful Protest interrupted by unwarranted use of force, according to protest groups

MEXICO- Two non-profit associations have filed complaints in relation to the abuse suffered by their members at recent protests in Mexico City. The two protesters, who were in the capital's main square, known as the Zocalo, on November 20th were reportedly attacked by the police.

According to Miguel Angel Mencera, Chief of Government in Mexico City, that they decided to use force when a group of young protesters started throwing objects and attacking police forces, including molotov bombs. Meanwhile, according to President Peña Nieto during a televised speech, he indicated that he would not tolerate violence during the protests.

Photo: Aristegui Noticias.
Photo: Aristegui Noticias.

The indignation of the Mexican population as a result of the use of force by authorities during the protest, has led to complaints being filed at the Mexican Institute of Human Rights and Democracy (IMDHD) and the Network for Children's Rights (REDIM) which state that they will file a penal complaint before the National Commission on Human Rights relating to aggressions suffered on November 20th during the protests.

In a press release, the civil associations state that on the night of the protests, where there members were present demanding justice and the right for citizens to participate in pacific protests, it states:

It is the obligation of the State to detain those that commit crimes during protests, and these events cannot be used as an excuse to harm citizens that are exercising their rights to peaceful assembly.

1.- We demand that the Government of Mexico City, and the Federal Government, publicly explain who implemented this operative, and who gave the orders to attack peaceful protests, including children and families.

2. We demand guaranties so that citizens can exercise their legitimate rights to protest peacefully.

3.- We demand an investigation of the protocols of use of police force and use of plain clothes police force, and we specifically request investigations into the aggressions against the members of civil rights groups and journalists.

Photo: Sopitas
Photo: Sopitas

Source: Aristegui Noticias


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