Weird things about Mexico that foreigners don't understand

10 things that usually surprise tourists

MEXICO.- There are many things in Mexico that are considered normal given that's how we've seen them and grown up to ever since we were born: For example, public transportation that stops at every corner or even in the middle of the street.

Knowing that you shouldn't drink tap water. Drugs sto res that sell beer, and sometimes even tortillas as well as medicine. What "weird" things have foreigners noticed when they visited our country? Salvaging an old reddit post, we chose to share the top 10 weirdest things that foreigners have said are difficult to comprehend.

Do you agree with them?

1.- Putting ketchup on pizza

Pizza already has tomato sauce, so it's there really a need to add more? Apparently there is, this a Mexican logic that foreigners don't completely understand.

"Every country has its weird ways of being that its inhabitants can't see. Which are the ones of Mexico? For me, it would have to be having ketchup in pizza parlors". - Madeditoro5

"In the majority of small restaurants ketchup seems to have a syrupy consistence. It's much thinner and the taste is not like the ketchup from the US". - PresRoslin

2.– Passing an old man as a kid

Chabelo, the inmortal. Via Tumblr
Chabelo, the inmortal. Via Tumblr

"I'm Mexican, but I lived a year in Canada and when I came back, I noticed how terrifying it is to watch and old man pretending to be a kid for a morning TV show". – blurreidis

3.- PDA (Public Displays of Affection)

Public displays of affection in the street.
Public displays of affection in the street.

"Mexicans love to hug and kiss each other in public". - Z7Z7Z

"Perhaps 'making out' is a bit much, but they're definitely very affective in public". – Eisenarch

4.- Seeing Asian people only in Asian food places

Chinese food restaurant in Mexicali.
Chinese food restaurant in Mexicali.

"There is Asian people in every Asian food restaurant, but you never see them elsewhere". - bottiglie.

5.-Using too much gel

Photo: Vice
Photo: Vice

And it's not just us who say it. American reddit users noticed the excessive use of gel as a trend in Mexico, mainly among grade and middle school students, although it can also be seen on a major authority figure such as: President Enrique Peña Nieto.

"Yes, putting gel on hair is a thing, especially in middle schools."-Mystrylo

"There is no moderation regarding the use of gel. It would seem that the minimum amount recommended is to use half a bottle per day". - Z7Z7Z

An article written in Vice, talks about how the gel product Xiomara, sells about seven tons of gel per day exclusively in Mexico. That's the equivalent of 5 liters of gel per minute or 2,555 tons per year.

Going from the typical hairstyle that looks as if you just finished eating a mango (or at least how Mexican eat it) or the replica of Goku's hair, all the way to the rockabilly look or even the hipster vibe. So, if you're looking for something to invest in, the high consumerism of gel in Mexico makes a very profitable market.

6.- Having stores with no change

Mexican change
Mexican change

Given that mugging is just around the corner, as a manner of caution, a lot of establishments are used to making monetary withdrawals now and then. Because of this, it is common that many local stores are out of change when charging for a product or service.

"They never have change. I had to give a guard in Monte Alban an extra 100 pesos just because they didn't have change".-PlumbTheDerps

"Stores, restaurants, cabs, small businesses never have change and you can't take out less than 200 pesos the ATM".Z7Z7Z

7.- Having public restrooms without toilet paper who have ladies who charge you for their service

Public restrooms, without toilet paper.
Public restrooms, without toilet paper.

3 things that Americans don't understand about the dynamic of public restrooms in Mexico:

    There is never toilet paper There are ladies who charge you for it You can't throw it directly in the toilet

"My weirdest experience was once when I used a public restroom; I was stopped at the door and asked for money. Instead of going somewhere else, I gave the lady money and when I was about to go in she handed me three little squares of toilet paper. I felt completely embarrassed. It was a good thing that I didn't need it, because it wouldn't have enough".-Glassa24

8.- Being excessively nice

As Mexicans we are so nice that sometimes we can come off as submissive.

We answer "mande" for questions starting with "what" and we even have different ways of talking to people depending on how close they are to us. We say 'hello' and 'good morning' to people know as well as to strangers.

"My manners never seem to be up to par. You're usually so respectful and considerate. Using 'usted', saying 'hello' and 'goodbye' when you enter a room, etc.".-MitrTylo

9.- Mexicans are "always" late


"One thing that really irritates me, is how late everyone is. Let's say I planned meeting someone at 4, and he/she arrived at 4.25 with no apparent problem. This happened almost daily".-PresRolin

A lot of people will identify with this, as well all know in Mexico it is "frown upon" to arrive on time to parties or family reunions. However, this habit can usually cause problems in the work and academic field.

Pointing out that even though there are a lot of complaints, there are very few Mexicans who actually accept being late, according to a survey made by OCCMundial 97% of the participants affirmed "they normally arrive at work right on time or just minutes before".

10.- Using lime for everything

[img srcThumb="" srcLink="" size="medium"]Limes for soup, for tacos, for beer, for chips…What dotn we put lime on?

Picture: Diario Cambio[/img]


"They use lime for everything. People suck on limes. Limes are a part of each meal.".-Z7Z7Z

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