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You voted and chose who were Baja California's best for this 2014 on our annual "Best Of Baja" poll, however, there were some things in Baja that didn't quite fit into some of the categories, like chefs, notable restaurants and even some important events that transpired this 2014 that are worth mentioning. Our writing and editorial staff is committed to show the very best of Baja and with it comes our own list of 2014's finest.

Outstanding Restaurant of Valle de Guadalupe

    Malva- Baja Californian Cuisine

Bursting into Baja California's culinary scene, Malva was one of the restaurants that was talked about non-stop this year, after winning at the prestigious Gourmet Awards 2014. Placed as one of the public's and critics' favorites, Malva is the result of Winemaker Veronica P. Santiago and Chef Roberto Alcocer's work, and boy, they did a good job, with an interesting culinary proposal that makes us want to go back again and again.

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Rustic cooking with an American Midwest-style, calmly served in a little truck with little pretension whatsoever. Chef Giovanni Brassea presented a concept that created a big boom in Tijuana's culinary scene. With a smoked sausages made from scratch served on a ciabatta, while 80s classic songs play on the radio. They surely won a special place among all the food we tried this 2014.

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    El Truck Nuestro

Many skeptical people were left speechless once they tried El Truck Nuestro's mythical "torta de chilaquiles," a serving of chilaquiles placed between two birote buns, because even though it might sound like a strange idea, there is nothing better than eating one of these just before dawn after the party is over. This world is made for those who are brave, and El Truck Nuestro is surely one of them.

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Best Restaurant You Might Not Have Heard About

    El Lugar De Nos

Sadly, the "Magical Town" of Tecate does not feature on many lists, even though it has a lot of great and interesting things to offer. Among them, there's a magnificent and exquisite restaurant called El Lugar De Nos, an interesting fusion between Baja-Med and high-end traditional cuisine surrounded by a warm environment. El Lugar De Nos is among our favorite and best restaurants of Baja California.

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Best Desserts

    Corazón de Tierra

This year, dessert lovers were able to delight themselves at Corazón de Tierra with desserts made by chef Elsa Judith Olmos Huerta, who didn't win the award for "Best Dessert in the World" in the Mesamérica 2014 event just because. Corazón de Tierra isn't only a place of fine dinning, it also has Baja California's best desserts.

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    Venus Chocolates

In a nutshell, from chocolates soaked in wine, chocolates paired up with beer, chocolates with pepper, there were very few things that Venus Chocolates did not experiment with this 2014, having as an outcome very exquisite flavors. We send out a really big hug to Gabriela Soto for her delicious creations that were present in almost all the best events of Baja.

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Best Burger

    Slow Burger

We dare you to find a better burger than this one in all of Baja, it is not just because that Slow Burger has been named the state's "Burger Cathedral". They just recently celebrated their first anniversary and they're already one of the Baja California public's favorite.

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Best Brewery in Baja California


This was a though call to make, due to the fact that Cervecería Insurgente and Lúdica Artesanal won gold medals in Cerveza México this year, but in the end, Fauna won our hearts as our favorite. Firstly, because it is probable that every craft beer bar you go to will have it; secondly, because they're consistent. Fauna has one of the highest quality standards when it comes to their products (just watch this video), and you can always rest assured that no matter which beer you choose, it will be delicious.

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Best Place To Grab A Cup Of Joe


Without them, SanDiegoRed just wouldn't function properly. Jacu is a café that specializes in bringing the best coffee beans from around the world without getting all "know-it-all-y" and "snobby", something that you might find in other places. It is plainly, just very good coffee at very good price that puts a smile on your face each morning.

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