Official Cause Of Death For Mexican Wrestler Hijo del Perro Aguayo Revealed

Baja California's PGJE made the announcement

TIJUANA.- Mexican wrestler "Hijo del Perro Aguayo" was already suffering from a mortal injury when he stepped off the ring, and when he went back in, he was clearly feeling disoriented. Afterwards, the kick he received caused a whiplash, losing consciousness forever in that precise moment.

This morning, the autopsy results were revealed by Baja's Attorney's General, Gilberto Cota Alanís, who mentioned that the cause of death was due to trauma in the neck area alongside a cervical injury, causing cardiac arrest.

Cota Alanís pointed out that the damage caused to the neck unleashed cervical injuries as well as the loss of consciousness.

After saying their his last goodbye in the city of Guadalajara, the body was cremated and the ashes were spread in Tala, state of Jalisco.

The Attorney General also mentioned that the paramedics did a proper job while trying to revive him, however, the efforts weren't enough for those types of injuries.

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