In favor of drugs

In his second Op Ed for San Diego Red (being (this, his first one), Fernando Puente makes a manifesto in favor of drugs. This is the first one in a series of different opinions that we will publish. These will sometimes be opposite, others complementary. We believe, however, that all contribute to the discussion around the decriminalization of consumption. Discretion and broad criteria are recommended to read the following writing.

Blessed be the drugs. They make the world a better place.

Consuming drugs is being able to disappear from the real world for a while, and look at things differently. It is an escape from reality, from problems. Or just to have a good old time.

The use you give to them depends on the consequences. Even the excessive consumption of water is bad. To know how to fully enjoy them you need mental discipline. And I do not mean to control them after consuming them. Mental discipline also includes knowing what you can and cannot control, and if you know you can’t do it then don’t.

I have been around almost every type of drug, ranging from legal to illegal. In San Diego and Tijuana it is very common to use or meet someone who uses some type of drug.

Some are harmless, usually marijuana; they have a hit and they don’t bother anyone.

Other has the whole neighborhood terrified. Their addiction to crystal meth or heroine pushes them to stealing everything they can, from gas mines, to assaulting taxi drivers.

There are prescription drugs such as, Rivotril or Clonazepam.

Usually those who use prescription drugs such as those mentioned above, they tell you they only use when muscular pain, or a molar. Or they outright tell you they use it to sleep.

What they forget to mention is: this drug can also cause side effects such as nervousness, behavioral changes, fatigue and feebleness.

Some amnesic effects may be associated with inappropriate behavior, on the street, they usually use them to work up the nerve to do something.

The same assassins tell you all about it: they are paid with crystal meth because their addiction to methamphetamine is stronger, but before a gig 2 Rivotril help to calm the anxiety.

And probably, they won´t even remember what they did the next day. Sounds good, right? Convenient, if you kill for a living.
Pills are not considered strong drugs like crystal meth or heroin, for the simple fact of being legal medicine. Although the consequences of its use are often the same or worse than stronger drugs, pills go unnoticed by society.

I grew up around all this. My childhood friends grew up to become hit men, others did not survive that life and ended up in jail or dead, excluding the ones that became Christians.

The described above is not something new. Everyone talks bad about drugs. I understand, but there is also another world in which drugs allow and help you to be productive and creative. I have friends who are alive, healthy and happy, doing drugs responsibly.

They sustain their families from Monday through Friday, but on the weekend they relieve stress, and on Monday, back to the routine.

I know all kinds, from those who use cocaine or powder crystal meth to party all night from time to time, and even those who use LSD or hallucinogenic mushrooms to stimulate their creativity or have spiritual experiences. My friends the stoners, who smoke after an exam or a work day; or maybe even after the gym.

I’ve met in clubs the members of the wealthiest families of the city, those ones who have a drink and a line of coke at the same time. Or they smoke their wax vape pen, just because they’re partying. Monday comes and they forget all about drugs, until the following weekend when the party calls for it.

In my personal opinion, I feel that these types of habits are a product of the internet and its easy access to information. This helps to create awareness on the effects of each drug.

They will not have the same effects on everyone, but if the information is available for everyone, maybe young people will make better decisions. This is what I meant by discipline.

Fernando Puente is a product of the streets. He lives at the border.


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