How An American Actor Has Discreetly Been Helping Tijuana Orphans For Years

The Brooklyn born actor founded a cross-border organization called "Arts for a better tomorrow"

TIJUANA.- José Yenque is an American actor born in Brooklyn, NY, who has starred in films such as Hispanic-centric Miss Bala, Hearts of Men, Puños Rosas, and also has even been appeared in the LOST TV series. More importantly, he's a talented individual that comes every week to Tijuana to support children and teens from orphanages located in marginalised areas.

In an Notimex interview, the actor explained that he founded the organization "Artes para un mejor mañana" (Arts for a better tomorrow) back in 2012 to give acting workshops, as well as auditory therapy to help children and teens overcome anxiety and depression on both sides of border.

Photo: Celebrity Miss Bala


Jose Yenque is seeking to help develop a better self-esteem, expression, and capacity to socialize, so the young don't stop going to school and end up being future criminals.

He's working with 26 people in Tijuana and 27 in L.A., but last year the organization helped more than 130 teenagers from 13 to 18-years-old.

The actor wasn't born in Mexico, but he assures that in his heart, he feels as an authentic "Tijuanense." Yenque is planning to make a short film, to later create a producer in which all the children and teens he helps can participate (besides the short film).

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Learn more about the organization here

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