The Rise of Strokes in Young Adults and How Stem Cell Therapy Helps

The exact causes of a stroke during young age are multiple and diverse, but most of them are related to the lifestyle of the person

When you talk about a stroke, is more common to think of an elderly person than it is about young person, however, in recent years the number of strokes in young adults have grown exponentially. A recent study from World Health Organization, shows that 50% of deaths worldwide happen due to cardiovascular diseases, specifically heart attacks and strokes.

In 2016, data from the American Heart Association on hospitalizations occurrences by age in the United States in young adults and middle-aged adults are increasing, while the number among older adults has declined. The most significant increase was a 51%, which occurred in men aged between 15 and 34 years. This problem has also increased in women of the same age, but with a lower percentage of only 17%.

What is a stroke?

A stroke is a cerebrovascular accident during which blood vessels hemorrhage or become blocked causing inadequate oxygen supply to the brain, resulting in paralysis of parts of the body, memory loss, and speech difficulties and in severe cases death. During a stroke a blood clot blocks a vessel in the brain and cuts off blood flow, causing brain cells to die within minutes of being deprived of oxygen and nutrients. The loss of these brain cells is what leads to permanent problems

Why do strokes happen?

The exact causes of a stroke during young age are multiple and diverse, but most of them are related to the lifestyle of the person. Specialists emphasize that the most frequent reasons are the existence of coronary anomalies, congenital diseases or genetic factors. However, other known reasons can be sedentarism, overweight, stress, smoking, drug use, hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol and depression, to name a few.

The American Stroke Association also reported that diet soda consumption elevates the risk. Researchers found that people who consume diet soda every day increase their risk of having a stroke by as much as 48%.

How can stem cell therapy help stroke patients?


Stem cell treatment could enhance long-term recovery based on a partial reconstitution of the damaged parts of the nervous system. Stem cell treatment for stroke has shown great effectiveness in repairing the neurological damage and preventing secondary complications. In addition, stem cells help regulate the immune systems’ response against the nervous system, aiding in the removal of scar tissue and reducing inflammation which helps in the reversal of neurological damage.


Stroke patients usually experience improvement in the following areas: motor function, muscle tone, speech, balance and coordination, fine and gross motor skills, cognition and memory and swallowing ability.

Stem cell treatment has become a viable option for stroke patients because there are very limited treatment options that often involve only symptomatic treatment without any drug treatment aimed at reversing neurological damage.

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