Baja Government Plane is Used as an Ambulance

They used an ambulance to transfer a young "tijuanense" who suffered serious injuries in an accident in Guerrero Negro

An accident was reported between Punta Prieta and Paralelo 28, in Guerrero Negro, in which a 17-year-old was involved. His injuries indicated that he needed the urgent transfer for a surgical intervention, enough reason to ask for the help of the state government’s airplane , which was arranged to work as an aerial ambulance.

"Definitely, time is vital to save the life of a patient, and in this case, because of the distance, having transferred the patient by land seriously compromised their chances of survival," said Secretary of Health in the State, Guillermo Trejo Dozal.

The young man was attended by paramedics of the Red Cross of Rosarito Beach, who took care of him until arriving at Tijuana where he was transferred to a hospital in the city.

At the moment they have not given information on the condition of the young man, who had multiple leg wounds and lung perforation.

Via El Sol de TIjuana

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