Mexico Is the World's Fourth Largest Beer Producer

Above Germany...

In 2016, Mexico has reached the fourth place as a world beer producer for achieving a production of 10,500 million liters.

Mexico even surpassed Germany, Holland and Belgium and is followed by China, the United States and Brazil. By the end of 2015 alone, 9,700 million liters had been achieved, which means a growth of 8%.

Maribel Quiroga said: "The production of 10,500 million liters is a result of the confidence and talent that exists in the brewing industry, being only below countries such as China, the United States, and Brazil, countries with a high population density, which indicates that we are on the road to becoming the brewing country of the 21st Century."

On the other hand, the export area has also shown important changes, since 3,200 million liters were exported, which represents a growth of 13% compared to the previous year.

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