The Most Expensive Avocado in Mexico is in Tijuana

According to Profeco the price in Tijuana is 85 pesos or 5 dlls per kilo of "green gold"

If you love this fruit (it's a fruit, yes) then perhaps this news is one of the saddest you've read all day. According to the Federal Consumer's Office, Tijuana has Mexico's most expensive kilo of avocado, at 85 pesos, or around 2.5 USD per pound.

A punch in the gut for all those who like avocado. It's not the first time that this product registers a considerable increase in its price. Food that depends on avocados also then see a steep rise in prices, especially in a country that just about anything can have some guacamole in it.

Although Profeco has estimated the price at 85 pesos or 5 dollars per kilo in some establishments can be found even at a higher price.

Other products that have considerable increases were tomato, onion, egg and lemon, most of these products are tacos ingredients, so hopefully, prices will not be higher, because that would mean a catastrophe.

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