Win This Taco Contest in Tijuana and Get a Free Tattoo

Prove you can be the King or Queen of tacos in the "Rock N'Taco Fest IV"

TIJUANA.-Without a doubt this weekend will be a very exciting one because there will be a great variety of events in different parts of the city that you would definitely love to split in two or more parts to be at every one. Anyway, one of them is the Rock N'Taco Fest IV, and for its third edition, has a very special surprise.

Apart from the 30 taquerias and 16 local rock bands, this time they decided to add something extra to make the day even more exciting.

El Rey del Taco or The King of Tacos is a contest where only five people can participate to see who manages to eat the most tacos in 5 minutes. The winner will be awarded a Last Temptation Tattoo Shop tattoo with a value of $ 2,500 pesos ($134.00 dlls).

How to participate? You must be one of the first five people to register the day of the event, and in addition pay $250 pesos ($14.00 dlls) for registration. The participants will have plates full of tacos sponsored by different taquerias that will be in the event and the winner will be only one person.

So, are you ready?

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