"The Brotherhood Wall" in Tijuana Aims for Guinness World Record Recognition

More than 2,000 artists and people from different parts of the world have participated

TIJUANA .- For approximately 48 days, artists from different parts of the world such as Guatemala, Argentina, Japan, China, Egypt, among others, have visited the border wall between Tijuana and the United States, which has been painted with messages of peace .

This work has been named "The Brotherhood Wall," and according to Enrique Chiu, artist and cultural promoter, this event could be included in the Guinness World Records 2017 book. Around 2,000 artists and people have gathered to collaborate in this large mural.

This project has been going on for about six months and aims to extend to the border between Tamaulipas and the United States and complete the 3,000 kilometers of the Northern border of Mexico.

Colors and symbols can be found in this wall, which represent freedom and hope. In the coming days, authorities of the Guinness World Records book will visit Tijuana to see the mural and make a decision.

Follow the mural information here, where you can also find videos of the mural in Tecate.

Via Milenio

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Translated by: cristina.mora@sandiegored.com


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