“La Juana” is the restaurant bar that honors the city

You can find it in one of the most visited streets of Tijuana

There is no doubt that Avenida Revolución is the most iconic and busy street in the city, as its donkeys-zebras, cafes, restaurants and bars are what attract tourists to Tijuana.

According to the reports of the Secretariat of Public Safety and Security, in a weekend, around 35 thousand people pass through all of Avenida Revolución.

In this historic avenue, a place to visit is “La Juana”. The bar is located on the corner of Calle Sexta y Revolución, so it has the opportunity to receive clients of all kinds, from national and international and, of course, local people from the city and our region.

It is already one of the most representative restaurant bars of "La Revu." It is part of its landscape since 2010. It is one of the reasons why it is worthwhile to continue going to party to this street.

Traditional beer and tequila reign this place as well as its signature cuisine. This gives us the opportunity to enjoy nights full of rock, sports, cultural events and lots of fun.

"La Juana" is a bar and space that represents the essence of Tijuana. It takes part of the name of the city. That's why it allows you to create new memories. They give a warm treatment to their visitors. What better memory than a good care on the busiest border in the world?

If you live in Tijuana, don’t forget to visit La Juana. Let yourself be pampered in your city. Also, it's one of the bars that is making history in "La Revolución"!



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