Have you been charged for scheduling an appointment at a Mexican consulate? Be careful!

The Department of Foreign Affairs issued a call to the Mexican community to avoid fraud.

Through a statement, the Mexican Department of Foreign Affairs (SRE) called on the Mexican population to be aware of charges for appointments in their consulates or embassies.

"People who wish to make an appointment are asked to be very careful. Several private websites offer the scheduling of appointments to obtain a service at the embassies and consulates of Mexico in exchange for a fee agreed between individuals, the user and the manager," explained the SRE.

If you have found yourself in this type of situation, don't be fooled, since these types of services offered in both the consulates and embassies of the country are free.

"The service of scheduling appointments to perform any of the various procedures and consular services in our embassies and consulates is completely free and must be done through the MEXITEL appointment system in either of its two modes, telephone or internet," confirmed the SRE in the document.

Now you know, take your precautions and do not forget that you should not make any payment for this service, but above all remember that the appointments are only made by MEXITEL, which is available to the consular offices in the United States of America and Canada through the telephone number 1 877 639 4835, and to all the consular offices of Mexico in the world through the website https://mexitel.sre.gob.mx/.

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