Marina de Pilar's government would invest more than 900 million pesos in Mexicali's infrastructure.

She stated that it would offer more flexible and efficient travel to and from Baja, California's capital.

Marina del Pilar, the governor of Baja California, stated that the State, City Council, and Federation would invest roughly 900 million pesos in works and infrastructure in Mexicali. This was revealed as work on modernizing the Tijuana highway entrance to Mexicali began.

The state president stated that the state would invest roughly 550 million in the project, primarily focusing on repairing Mexicali Valley state roads, main city streets, and access points such as the highway to Tijuana.

He stated that this last project would result in more agile and efficient access to and from Baja California's capital, with an expenditure of more than 35.4 million pesos. He hopes to finish the first stage in January 2022. The final will be held in March.

Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda stated that the initiative was created months ago in response to the need for a proper arrival and departure route to Mexicali. It will work closely with the municipal government, which Mayor Norma Bustamante Martnez leads.

Arturo Espinoza Jaramillo, Secretary of Infrastructure, Urban Development, and Territorial Reorganization, stated that the project entails restoring the pavement, storing rainwater to prevent floods, and other steps such as public lighting and sufficient signage.

Leynin Verduzco, a representative of the neighboring communities, complemented the project's organizers for their efforts and emphasized their significance by stating that she, as a university student, utilizes the route to attend her face-to-face lessons.

At the start of the work, local Deputies Ramón Vázquez and Liliana Sánchez, as well as Francisco Fuentes, Director of the Progreso Industrial Park, Gibrán Padilla, President of the National Chamber of Industry of the Constitution, and Jess Verdugo, Delgado of the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation in Baja California, were present.

VIDEO: They will invest more than 900 million pesos in Mexicali's infrastructure: Marina del Pilar


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