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Joe Biden's 5 de Mayo Mistake: Bad Luck to Toast with Water

Do you believe in traditions?

The Vicepresident of the United States made a toast for the friendship between México and his country during this week's celebration of 5 de Mayo, a memorable date for the Mexicans where they commemorate the victory against France 150 years ago in the city of Puebla.

"For the friendship of the United States and Mexico, Happy 5 de Mayo" he said.

This is one of the biggest hispanic celebrations in the US.

The Vicepresident, made the mistake of doing his toast with water during the breakfast at the Navy Observatory, something he had to think about since it's considered a bad luck charm between the Irish.

"I won't do it" he said while everyone laugh at him, adding he could hear his grandfather's voice saying "Joey, don't do it", but then he proceeded with his toast and some believe this could jinx the relation between both countries.



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