From Tijuana to Ensenada, now's the time to invest on the Baja Coast

Big plans for major development south of the border to attract new buyers

BAJA CALIFORNIA.- It's one of Mexico's most coveted coastlines: Close to the U.S., but cheaper, great weather, views and people, and now it's ready to truly take off with a sustainable development plan that is hoping to attract buyers and investments from several sectors, including housing.


Rosarito puede ser solo el inicio de lo que se puede lograr en COCOTREN
Rosarito puede ser solo el inicio de lo que se puede lograr en COCOTREN

The Tijuana-Rosarito-Ensenada Coastal Corridor (COCOTREN in Spanish), are 14,600 acres of prime real-estate on Baja's northern coast that already has received billions of dollars in development over the last several decades, with estimated future development at around 6 billion dollars.

It's enchanting in all of its expansive area, but diverse, with something different to offer on each beach, spectacular cliffs and beautiful coastal valleys.

New infrastructure throughout the last couple of years have also connected the entire coast with the rest of the state, with the U.S. border, the rest of Mexico, and Ensenada's harbor gives it access to the entire Asian market.

Overall, Tijuana represents 8% of the total COCOTREN territory, with 38% belonging to Rosarito, while Ensenada takes up most of it, with 54%, every area with several opportunities for new and old development, either for tourism, housing or even exciting energy projects.

It's been years of hard work, planning and studies that have lead to a COCOTREN sustainable development plan, so that anyone can invest and take advantage of Baja's best.

Time to come and see of yourself.

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