5 Movies That Show Hollywood's Obsession With Mexico's "Day of the Dead"

The most famous Mexican holiday showed on the big screen.

Mexico is a country rich in traditions and customs, the Day of the Dead being one of the most important ones for Mexicans and without a doubt, the most popular worldwide.

Hollywood seems to be in love with the overall concept of this tradition or maybe it's their best way of portraying Mexico every time they make a movie on Mexican soil or whenever they want to show audiences something very characteristic about the country, that isn't drug, violence or other stereotypes.

Which is why we have selected 5 movies that show of the colors and "weirdness"

that Hollywood loves about Mexico's "Día de los Muertos."


1. Corpse Bride

This Tim Burton movie tells us the story of Victor (Johnny Depp) who finds himself trapped in the realm of the dead and engaged to a girl he doesn't know and is clearly…. dead.

Even though the influence isn't that obvious, the realm of the dead borrows a lot of elements from the holiday Day of the Dead, with picturesque and cheerful characters. What seems to be part of another world is, ironically, livelier than the world of the living.


VIDEO: Corpse Bride Remains of the Day

2. The Book of Life

Directed by Jorge Gutiérrez and produced by Guillermo del Toro, The Book of Life tells the story of Manolo and Joaquín, a pair of friends that fall in love with the same girl and who set themselves to try and win her over before the other one does. Manolo's plans get interrupted when he gets bitten by a snake and dies and then travels to the realm of the dead.

Basically, the movie is a complete homage to the Day of the Dead.


VIDEO: The Book of Life trailer

3. Once Upon A Time In México

Directed by Robert Rodríguez, Once Upon A Time in Mexico pays its own homage to the Day of the Death in a scene sequence where we see the town locals wearing different ornaments related to the holiday, a lot of them used these ornaments to hide their guns for the guerrilla that would start a coup d'état.

It's not exactly part of the same trend we see in today's Day of the Dead movies, but it's one of the first attempts to take this Mexican tradition onto the big screen.

VIDEO: Once Upon a Time In Mexico and the Day of the Dead


SPECTRE, the latest and upcoming James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig, brings us a Day of the Dead sequence shot in early 2015, in Mexico City's historic downtown district. We can see some behind-the-camera details of these scenes on the following vlog. It might be one of the best Day of the Dead scenes that have appeared on the big screen so far.

VIDEO: SPECTRE vlog, Day of the Dead

5. Coco

Coco will be a PIXAR adventure based on the Day of the Dead, which plot revolves around the concept of what would happen if you could meet members of your family that have been dead for over a century. The movie tells the story of a 12-year-old boy who is about to experience the biggest family reunion of his life.

These are some of the movies where the American film industry pays homage to one of Mexico's most colorful holiday. Share your favorite Day of the Dead movies with us!

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Translated by: edgar.martinez@sandiegored.com



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