San Diego County Fair will donate stuffed animals to hospitalized children in Tijuana through "Care N Share"

"Care N Share" is the San Diego County Fair program that donates stuffed animals to children at the Children's Hospital of the Californias in Tijuana

The most anticipated event in San Diego County occurs annually and spans 20 days. Time flies quickly and not many may have the chance to visit, however, once you know about the support that the San Diego County Fair has given to children since 2009, you will try your best to visit and discover it yourself.

The San Diego County Fair is not only an event full of fun and entertainment, but also an excellent platform that promotes programs supporting important causes, such as 'Care N Share', a program brought to the Fair as a project of Torrey Pines Rotary Club which has been a wonderful 15-year partnership that to date has collected well over 100,000 donated stuffed animal prizes at the Fair which are donated to children in Tijuana

Admission tickets for this fair can be purchased in two ways. One, through the San Diego County Fair’s official website and, if you are in Tijuana, you can buy your tickets at Farmacia Roma at a discounted price. Please note that ticket prices vary depending on the day of your visit.

Kathia Bustillos Iturralde, President of the Foundation for the Children of the Californias, mentioned that the idea to create a toy drive was born out of a strong friendship between a founding member of the Hospital and the Rotary Club. The San Diego County Fair enthusiastically brought this idea to fruition upon recognizing the incredible humanitarian work carried out by the foundation.

We have a project in the hospital where children who undergo surgeries are given a toy. They choose it before the operation and when they get out, their stuffed animal is waiting for them during their recovery. The goal is for children to know for certain that everything is going to be alright.

Discover the San Diego County Fair: your definitive guide to enjoy it to the fullest

These actions reflect the fair's commitment to the social wellbeing of the community and show that entertainment can go hand in hand with solidarity and support for those who need it the most during stressful or frightening moments.

Care N Share will also play a part during this retro-themed San Diego County Fair: if you visit and win a stuffed animal, you can deposit it in Care N Share collection boxes at the Fair exits or contact Rotary volunteers at www.carensharetoydrive.com to arrange a pick-up of new prizes or clean gently used stuffed animals. The high-profile nature of these initiatives can also inspire other events and organizations to follow its example, creating a chain of support and solidarity that benefits a higher number of people. In addition, when visitors and the community at large see that this event’s goal is a charitable one, a greater emotional connection and a sense of community pride is born.

Stuffed animals will be delivered through the "Foundation for the Children of the Californias" in San Diego, a sister organization of Fundación para los Niños de las Californias, to support children facing health issues.

This same foundation recently shared on its official Facebook page a photo where one can see bags full of stuffed animals taken from collection centers located in the San Diego County Fair and received by the foundation. They are also accepting donations of new or almost new stuffed toys from home for those who wish to donate.

Involving the community in these causes during the fair promotes active participation and volunteering, as it offers visitors the opportunity to experience themselves a sense of belonging and shared responsibility. Them participating at this event not only widens the reach of this cause, but it also educates and sensibilizes the population at large about the importance of supporting those who are facing tough situations, while promoting values such as empathy and generosity in the entire community.

Bustillos added:

It is amazing. Surgery is a physical undertaking, but choosing and having a stuffed partner waiting for you really helps you emotionally and mentally during recovery. It is less invasive.

The Children's Hospital of the Californias, led by Dr. Antonio Loaiza, has more than 20 specialties in order to treat all children's needs. Children are given a health passport so that they can be sent to pediatric doctors that can then refer them to specialized doctors. There is also an autism spectrum clinic and a recently inaugurated Down syndrome clinic.

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In addition, thanks to this medical center’s growth, it has had the chance to refurbish and restore several areas such as the dental clinic, the nutrition clinic, and the specialized clinic focused on children's mental health (psychology, psychiatry, and speech therapy).

The 2024 San Diego County Fair opened to the public last June 12 and will officially close on Sunday, July 7. You still have time to visit and enjoy all of its attractions, food, games, activities, and entertainment!

This fair opens from 11 AM to 10 PM. It closes on Mondays and Tuesdays and it has come back with a Let's Go Retro!" theme, perfect for those who want to get nostalgic and travel back in time.

Win amazing prizes in games such as ring throwing, enjoy the adrenaline rush of its roller coasters, and delight yourself with its unparalleled dishes such as burgers with cereal, chicken sandwiches with funnel cakes, giant turkey legs, delicious shakes, and much more.

Remember, coming here is not only fun for your family and loved ones, you can also be a part of a noble cause that will bring joy to children going through health problems.

Learn everything about the San Diego County Fair on their official website and social media pages:

Website in Spanish: https://www.sdfair.com/spanish
Website in English: https://www.sdfair.com/
Facebook: @sdfair
Facebook in Spanish: @feriasandiego
Instagram: @sandiegocountyfair


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