Enrique Iglesias Still Recovering From That Drone Accident in Tijuana

His finger doesn’t have sensitivity but at least he didn’t lose any extremities

It’s been five months since the drone accident that Enrique Iglesias suffered during a concert in Tijuana and so far the recovery has been successful.

The cut on Iglesia's right hand finger caused it to lose sensitivity on his fingertip. Furthermore, Iglesias is thankful for still having his finger on his hand and recognizes that he was treated by one of the best doctors at the moment of the accident as well as during recovery.

Let’s remember that he never stopped singing during his show and when he noticed the bleeding he chose to draw a heart on the white t-shirt he was wearing. Even though there haven’t been any major details, the singer supposedly is planning to release t-shirts with the improvised design and proceeds will go to charity.

Via La Opinión

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Translated by: edgar.martinez@sandiegored.com



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