4 Things to Do For the Weekend in Tijuana

They didn't invite you to the Christmas party? Whatever, there's other things to do.

TIJUANA. - So, on weekends like the upcoming one, we can get a bit too overwhelmed by the obligation of going to the multiple Christmas parties. You're probably debating whether to go to the one of Friday night or the one on Saturday or both, because who wouldn't want to eat just-made tamales with frijoles puercos and champurrado but sometimes our "Grinch" side comes out or there's a chance nobody invited us to any party at all.

If that last part applies to you then worry no more! There's a bunch of events for you to enjoy this weekend. Music is food for your soul and some beers wouldn't hurt either. Invite your hermit friend to go with you, since the holidays are for spending time with loved ones, so go out there and enjoy yourself.


Erizo presents: Juan Cirerol at Black Box

The guys at Erizo Radio are good in bringing indie acts to our city. Just recently, they brought Los Hijos del Santo and Palos Verdes and now they bring us Juan Cirerol to perform alongside San Pedro El Cortez (This year's Festival Nrmal headliners), Perra Galga, Chuy Califas and Orthodox Mykol. All of them local! Some of the acts have already achieved festival status by performing on multiple important festivals in Mexico. So now there's even more reasons for you to not miss out on this concert happening at Black Box. Cirerol will perform with his band and will play music from his most recent album.

    Where? Black Box Tijuana Time: 8 PM Price: $150 pesos presale and $200 at the door. More info: Erizo

Fresco's reopening: Let's get 90s

80s bars are cool, like Porkys or Rubiks (if you know any other 80s bar please tell us.) But TBH (Internet slang for "To be honest";), us millennials needed a space of our own, a 90s one, to cherish our childhood memories while binge drinking like the adults we are.

Which is why Fresco will be "reopening" at Plaza Fiesta. It never actually closed its doors but it did reinvent itself to a more 90s style. Millennials, let us rejoice in our new bar!

    Where? Fresco Time: After 8 PM Price: Free admission, drinks are cheap though. More info: Fresco


50 Cent with A Band of Bitches and Gil Cerezo

Tecate Location had a great run with all of their events in each and every one of the venues they did them. Well, all of them except for one. That's right, the one in Tijuana was postponed due to lack of permits, and they ended up refunding all of the tickets purchased that time.

The organizers at Tecate promised to come back to Tijuana to deliver on the concert they had previously announced, which is why this weekend we'll finally have a chance to hear "Candy Shop" live in concert, along with A Band of Bitches from Monterrey and Gil Cerezo of Kinky with a DJ set.

    Where? At Plaza Monumental in Playas de Tijuana Time: 7 PM Price: $300 pesos More info: Tecate Location

Stone Brewing's Official Launch Party in Mexico

You've probably already noticed Stone Brewing beers being sold at Calimax or your local bar. However, the only official distributor in Mexico (according to the event's organizers) is GastroFusion and the brand's official launch campaign will be held at multiple places along Baja California. The Stone Brewing's team will be there to talk about their different types of beer. Admission will be free but space will be limited, so if you're interested in this event you better reserve ahead of time.

    Where? BCB Tasting Room Time: 7 PM Price: Free admission, space is limited. More info: Facebook

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Translated by: edgar.martinez@sandiegored.com


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