Mexico is # 1 in Modern-Day Slavery…

…in the American continent.

The most recent Global Slavery Index shows Mexico as the country with the most modern slavery victims in the Americas, 70% of these people are used by Mexican drug cartels.

Of the near 270 thousand slave victims in Mexico, the majority of them come from Central and South America but also people from Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.


Organized crime victims are abducted, regardless of their age or gender and are then forced to prostitution or hard-work labor, most of these cases are done with the government's knowledge.

The index shows that women, children, indigenous people, handicapped people, immigrants and members of the LGBT community are most vulnerable in being part of this modern slavery network.


The index also classified 167 countries, who participated in the study, on how their governments responded to this situation, with a D being the lowest possible rating. Mexico received a B for its "evidence that some policies and government actions can criminalize and/or deport the victims, and/or make it easier for slavery to happen"

More than 3.8 million people are modern slaves, India holds the first place on the list with 14.29 million people, while the best rated countries based on their government initiatives for eradicating modern slavery are the Netherlands, Sweden, the U.S., Australia and Switzerland.

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