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Hanabi: A Delicious Chunk of Japan in Tijuana

Great authentic teriyaki and sushi made by a real Japanese

There's no debate on the amount of influence Japanese cuisine has on Tijuana, and Hanabi is the perfect example of what a really good teriyaki and sushi is supposed to taste like. Everything is prepared by Japanese chef Osamu, so definitely an experience that every foodie must try.

Located on Avenida Guanajuato, Colonia Madero (Cacho), near the Antojo restaurant, this small restaurant has been open for five years, which is nothing fancy, but that doesn't really matter, because what matters is the great food being served there and even the music is good (weirdly), as usually Osamu is playing some deep house music or even some tunes that sound straight from Dance Dance Revolution.

Photo: San Diego Red

Along with its modest style, Hanabi keeps it simple in its menu with just sushi combos that include either sushi rolls or temaki rolls (cone-shaped sushi), with different proteins to choose from, like octopus, shrimp or crab.

Photo: San Diego Red

Photo: San Diego Red

However, this place is known for (aside from the great customer service its chef provide) its teriyaki bowl. The key element to its deliciousness is its flame-broiled chicken, something that sets it apart from other Japanese food places that use a gas-fueled griddle.

That burned chicken flavor is something that you never though you'd be savoring in a teriyaki bowl and it'll probably make you a picky teriyaki bowl eater.

This place is a must for anyone who loves Japanese food or just delicious chicken, and if you're not fully convinced so far, then wait 'til you see its super cheap prices.

Photo: San Diego Red

Photo: San Diego Red

The best time to go is a little before 2:00 p.m. or after, since that's when the place is swimming in hungry customers and since chef Osamu works alone, your order could take as long as 30 minutes to be ready.

So if you're a Nippon food-lover and find yourself in Tijuana looking for some good grub, look no more, Hanabi is the place for you.

Chef Osamu doesn't have an official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram nor Snapchat, which makes it kinda hard to find for those who don't know their way around town, which is why we're here.

Here's Hanabi's location: Calle Guanajuato inside San Luis shopping mall:

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