The Best Places to Buy Juices in San Diego

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Including juices on your diet has gone from a trend to just one more method of taking care of our bodies. There are some naysayers who claim that the nutritional value of said juices are null, but on the other hand there's some to claim successful stories who have improved their lives thanks to juices made from fruits and vegetables.

Now, regardless of what you think about juicing, some of the drinks are delicious and it would be a good idea for you to at least try some of them. Either just for the heck of it or if you're a juice lover. Which is why we've made this list of the best places in San Diego where you'll find a great variety of drinks that in addition to being tasty, they claim to be a healthy addition to your diet.

OH! Juice Cleanse

This place is more than just a juice bar. OH! Juice's main goal is to help people to have a better lifestyle by offering personalized diet plans. All of their drinks are made from scratch from organic products, you can pay them a visit to try some of their most popular recipes.


Their use a cold press method that helps in keeping the fruit and vegetable nutrients in each juice or shake. You can find some wellness items as well as more information on how to have a healthy lifestyle on their website.

Myxologie Juice Bar

Their slogan is "A Fresh Press'pective", referring to the quality product that they use on their menu. In addition to their juices, they also have meals that include super foods like smoothie bowls and yogurt to go.


We're sure you'll find something of your liking. A place dedicated to healthy options so that you won't get bored eating the same thing over and over again.

Juice Crafters

Juice Crafters as different stores all around San Diego county with the goal of providing a healthier lifestyle through juice cleansing. This is a place that uses a hydraulic machine in order to extract all of the fruit's flavor and nutrients, this way there's no need for added sugars.


Their juices are made with local farm produce and are pressed daily, this way they avoid the need of pasteurization process or some other type of preservative. Visit their website and check out what their nearest store.

Vitality Tap

Organic, vegan and local are three words that best describe this place. At Vitality Tap, you'll find the most exotic super foods that you usually see on Instagram or Facebook but don't know the name of it and let alone how to eat it.


Check them out and learn more about nutrition while you enjoy a delicious juice. One of Vitality Tap's mission is to create a safe space where you'll feel comfortable asking about the benefits that come with including juices on your daily diet.

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