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Beer of The Week: Funes

This brewery has been 5 years on the market

This time I couldn't pick just one beer, as Funes Brewery in Tijuana started its history long before La Plaza (Plaza Fiesta) had a lot of tasting rooms and Calimax started selling local beer.

It's been five years since Raúl Funes hasn't stopped brewing, as well as providing other breweries in the city with needed goods for production. In that respect, there's a bit of Funes is probably most local and new breweries.

To fight this intense summer weather without dealing with waves of people on a Friday, San Diego Red recommends you one or two Funes beers. This place is located in front of Telefónica Gastro Park. Try to sit near the bar, so you can have a better view of all the different beers.

We leave you with three amazing options:

1.- Porter Ale Funes

Finally we have a dark beer in this section. Funes presents this porter as one of the darkest English style beer you'll find, "tasty and invigorating." The flavor is intense, but not as much to make weird faces every time you drink it. Your nose will identify a smell of chocolate and coffee, while you wait for the taste to be bitter. Of all Porters I've tried, this one is the less bitter. The bottle marks a 5 proof alcohol, so don't be afraid of getting "drunk" too fast.

[ Photo: Miranda García[/i]

2.- Saison Del Valle

This is a seasonal beer, and just as wine, the fermentation is not rushed. With this beer you learn to not underestimate ANY beer. Despite Saison beers are distinguished for their fruity flavor with spices, the ingredients of this "Funes" takes you and the beer to another level. The Saison del Valle makes you forget the hop taste and enhances sage, fennel, rosemary and honey flavors, of which is made.

Photo: Miranda García

3.- Imperial Mexicana

This beer won silver medal at Slow Beer 2016 in the cereals and flour category. Imperial Mexicana will be out of market soon (or maybe is already extinct). "Made with the best malts", which contribute to the 8 proof alcohol and to the dark red color with lots of flavors, such as blue corn, piloncillo and jamaica.

Photo: Miranda García

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