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5 Amazing Camping Sites in Baja California

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This time of the year is perfect to grab your things and go camping with your close friends, and Baja California has a several spots where you can make this dream come true.

You can choose between ranches, beaches, mountain ranges, and lagoons, so what more could you ask for? There's an option for everyone. Here we have a list of the best camping sites in Baja. Go and experience a great adventure you won't forget.

1.- Jolla Beach Camp

Courtesy: Facebook La Jolla Beach Camp

This spectacular place has diverse attractions, but most importantly, is located on thermal springs, which puts you in the perfect mood to relax and let the beautifulness of the place drop you in another universe.

Location: Km 12.5 Carretera Maneadero a La Bufadora C.P. 22791. Ensenada, BC

Phone number: (646) 154-2005 and (646) 154-2004

Web Page: [/b] La Jolla Beach Camp


2.- Rancho Ojai

Courtesy: Facebook Rancho Ojai

This place is simply magical an easily enjoyable by kids and grown ups. Rancho Ojai has amazing facilities with pool, sports fields, playgrounds, barbecues, bike rentals, horseback riding and more.

Location: Km. 112 de la Carretera Federal No.2 Mexicali-Tecate

Phone number: (665) 655-30-14 and 15

Web Page: [/b] Rancho Ojai


3.- Sierra San Pedro Mártir

Courtesy: Facebook Parque Nacional Sierra de San Pedro Mártir

This is simply an experience you CAN'T miss, if you really want to feel nature in all of its splendor, then get ready to be surrounded by mountains, a forest and marvelous fauna you'll fall in love with.

Location: Carretera Transpeninsular Ensenada- La Paz, #6500 Col. Ex Ejido Chapultepec

Phone number: (646)172-30-00 ext. 3229

Web Page: [/b] Parque Nacional Sierra de San Pedro Mártir


4.- Laguna Hanson (Hanson Lagoon)

Courtesy: Internet

You can find this stunning lagoon inside the 1857 Constitution National Park. Here, you'll have the opportunity to see trees, a waterfall, el Pico Hanson, and several roads for walking with nothing but peace on your mind. You can also enjoy cycling, water sports, environmental education, and learn through their programs.

Location: Acceso Norte.- Km71.5 Carretera Federal Mexicali/ Acceso Sur.- Km 54.2 de la Carretera Federal Ensenada-San Felipe.

Phone number: (686) 5545404

[b]Web Page:[/b] [/b] Parque Nacional Constitución de 1857


5.- Playa Percebú (Percebu Beach)

Courtesy: Internet

San Felipe is one of the best areas from Baja for having a really good time in a beautiful beach, and if you love a great beach but not much else, Percebú is the option for you. Go and have long vacations or a couple of days accompanied by the warmth of the sun and feel the thin sand in your feet.

Location: Carretera a Puertecitos KM 21.5, San Felipe, BC.

With information of Descubre Baja California.


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