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Beer Of The Week: Passion Fruit Kicker From Green Flash

A San Diegan beer

Passion Fruit Kicker is part of the beers Green Flash Brewing Co. has to offer. This experimental Wheat Ale with tropical fruits such as maracuya fits perfectly with the idea of a warm Friday made only for you to fresh up.

If you're already thinking about not trying this beer because it's not a Porter or doesn't have a strong taste, then you better stop doing it; there are strong flavors and strong colors, but not all of them are necessarily linked to each other. Sometimes a Stout can have a lighter body than an IPA, and a Wheat Ale can have a higher alcohol proof than a Porter.

Photo: Miranda García

The Passion Fruit Kicker has more than one hidden flavors thanks to the variety of fruit with which is made. The guy who gave me the beer for tasting assured me it contain maracuya, one of the most tropical things out there, so with every sip you can feel in your palate a nice Belgian style.

If you drink it straight from the bottle, in a pint or in a Weizen glass, you could smell an aroma similar to those tiny peppers you used to get out of slot machines, but you will still feel the 5.5 proof of alcohol coming from this Green Flash's Yellow beer.

This flavor experiment didn't go as bad as it seemed, in fact, it was all the way around, and it turned out to be one of the most original beer proposals, besides Dia de los Serranos, Imperial IPA or Le Freak (next week's beer).

Passion Fruit Kicker was one of the last creations of Green Flash Brewery before Chuck Silva came out on the market. At first sight, these San Diegan Beers may seem ordinary, but don't fool yourself with the bottle label and taste it before you make a judgment.

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