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8 Places for Great Birria Tacos in TIjuana

A culinary secret most tourist haven't yet discovered

Undoubtedly, Tijuana is a great city to explore culinary wonders by acting as a melting pot for all the different cooking styles in the country, offering the city's foodies a great array of options.

Today we are going to be all about "birria", a style of cooking beef in a juicy and colorful way. Birria was born in Jalisco, Mexico but now has reached this side of the country to delight many "tijuanenses" palates, and sometimes, to help cure the effects of a really awful hangover.

Birria is becoming a hugely popular dish in Mexico and even in the U.S., and that's why some of our San Diego Red reporters decided to make a tour of birria in the city and discover what are the best places in Tijuana to enjoy this delicious food.

There are so many options, from "normal" birria to Puebla style, all of them accompanied with delicious beans, lemon cured onions, and glorious salsas.

But well, without much further ado, here are the best places of Birria in the city, feast yourselves with these beautiful meaty pictures and try to visit any taco stand in this list, more so if you never have had the opportunity of trying this very Mexican dish.

1.- "El Compita."

This place started as a tiny taco stand outside of a burger restaurant located in the Mesa de Otay area, but now, "El Compita" is well-known as a birria hotspot.

They have three locations in the city, but the most visited is the one at Manuel Acuña Street in Mesa de Otay, and it has a really big space for all birria enthusiasts.

Prices Starting at $1.00 dollar

2.- Tacos "Arandas"

Buena Vista is a neighborhood with lots of surprises and several culinary secrets, and among them there's one taco stand located between Insurgentes Av. and Las Americas Blvd.

The story of "Arandas" starts in 2002, and Andres Lopez is the one in charge. People like what he offers because they can find something different there, a flavor that is possible thanks to a lot of vegetables in the meat.

On weekends, Andres changes location to the corner of the street, where people are always eager to have a wonderful birria taco in the morning. Las tostadas "ahogadas" is something we highly recommend you.

Price: Starting at $1.00 dollar

3.- "Los Poblanitos"

This taco stand is the apple of the eye of so many UABC (Autonomous University of Baja California) students, who cannot think of a better place to enjoy tacos very early in the morning before their school day begins. It is almost a tradition because "Los Poblanitos" have been feeding people for 25 years.

It is located at Calzada Tecnológico a few blocks from Estudiantes Street. The earlier you get there, the better, because the huge pots of broth and meat disappear very fast.

Prices: Starting at $1.00 dollar

4.- Tacos in 4th Street

These is one of the most traditional birria place of Tijuana and they've been making amazing tacos for 15 years. It's pretty rare that Niños Héroes Av. is empty, for everyday lots of people visit the spot since 4:00 am.

5.- "Don Chinomo"

"Don Chinomo" tacos are located right behind a very famous place in Tijuana called "Big Boy" on Río Bravo street. Here you can find, tacos, broth, tostadas, quesabirrias (birria tacos with cheese), and more, but what makes this place special is that they prepare the dish Jalisco Style (in the oven).

The broth is really something else, because is the only one in town that really concentrates the beef taste, without fat, and without that "oily" sensation. This place opens at 7:00 am.

Price: Starting at $1.50 dlls

6.- Birriería Rodríguez

This used to be a normal taco stand before getting a local in the same street, where now you can enjoy a really nice plate of birria broth, or try their singular birria omelette.

Birrieria Rodriguez is located on Del Fuerte Av. at just one block from Ermita Sur Av. You can find it open from 7:00 am until birria runs out (mostly around 4:00 pm).

7.- Tacos "El Güero"

Tacos have been served here for more than 25 years and is located on Benito Juarez Street, where you will surely have the most powerful weekend breakfast.

They may ask you if you want "camaron" (shrimp) in your tacos, but don't panic or get too excited, because that's their way of saying if you want beans with your food; yes, normal and boring beans, but delicious ones.

8.- "El Sabroso"

These tacos are located in "La Cacho" neighborhood and are so easy to find, because they have an Oxxo store in front of them.

Eufemia is the name of the lady in charge of this taco stand, born in Oaxaca and has already grabbed the attention of many online sites foodie sites, such as Vice Munchies a few months ago. Just so you know, tacos "El Sabroso" is really close to San Diego Red's offices, so we're really blessed, and a bit biased, by them (yep).

They open at 7:00 am everyday in the corner between Brasil Av. and Aguascalientes.

Birria here is made from beef and beef tongue (lengua). The normal taco costs $1.00 dollar and the one with cheese $2.00 dlls. "El Sabroso" has a special recipe that includes avocado leaf and chocolate, and is one of the few places in town that offers more than five sauce options and other sides, such as lemon cured onions.

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